Concrete Water Tanks - Residential

Residential Concrete Rainwater Tanks

A residential concrete rainwater tank is a perfect investment to supplement your existing water supply or should town water supply not be available, as a total water storage solution for your property.

Panthers Concrete Tanks construct high quality concrete water storage solutions on a variety of residential block types, from smaller tanks on suburban blocks with limited space to large concrete tanks on spacious rural properties. 

What size do I need?

The most popular size tanks are 107 000 litres and 120 000 litres for areas with no town water. For a household with 4-5 occupants it should last around 4 months without rainfall based on the usage of 1000 litres of water per day. Some councils may have minimum sizes so you may want to check with your government authority.

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What I need to know

  • All tanks 30,000L and above are constructed onsite
  • Concrete Water Tanks can be constructed anywhere on your property where there is truck access
  • A standard sized Residential Concrete Tank will take our crewds 2 days to build

Potential uses for the roof

The roof of the concrete tank can be used as an entertaining area as a slab for your chairs and tables or an area for your clothes line with the line mounted in the middle of the tank.

Tanks can be constructed below your current ground level and buried with soil once complete. This allows grass to grow over the top resulting in no tank showing, allowing all the benefits of a water tank without the loss of precious backyard space.

Every tank installation is different and dependent on where the tank is going to be situated. Some points to think about when deciding on the right concrete tank for you:

  • Where on my property is the tank going to be situated?
  • Do I want to bury the tank so that I can’t see the roof or am I OK to have the roof showing?
  • If I want to bury the tank, what would I like to put on top of the tank?
  • Will the tank be situated somewhere where I will need to drive over the top? If so, how heavy will the vehicle be?


Below are some rough rules around what each of the roof loadings mean. Please be aware as mentioned above, this is not a one size fits all but it gives you an idea of some of the more popular requests we receive:

  • Roof showing – Holds 1.5 tonne – Pedestrian loading but NOT crowd loading
  • 3KPA roof loading – Holds 3 tonne – Equivalent of 400mm soil loading on top
  • 5KPA roof loading – Holds 5 tonne – Able to have a small vehicle drive over the top
  • 40KPA roof loading – Holds 40 tonne – Able to have heavy vehicles drive over the top


Underground tanks are fitted with a manhole and riser to ground level for easy access. We have Optional Lockable Lightweight Hardened Plastic Manholes available





There are many other options available such as building a shed over the top, burying with more soil or even a gazebo. For more information, please give us a call to discuss the right option for you!

Why choose Panthers Concrete Tanks for your concrete water tank storage solution

Standards Compliant

Panthers Concrete Tanks are constructed to meet Australian quality standards including AS3735 – Concrete Structures for Retaining Liquids and AS3600 – Concrete Structures.

Australia Wide Construction

No matter where your site is located, the Panthers Concrete Tanks team will travel Australia wide to bring you our unrivaled quality and service.

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What Our Customers Say

"Tank delivered today, the driver was great, very professional, made it look easy. I'll recommend Panther tanks to anyone, you have all been great to deal with, especially on short notice. Our earthmovers were also very impressed. Well done. "

Nick Clemmett
Teknik Motorsport

"Would you please pass on our regards & thanks to James, Brendan & Valen for such a great job under difficult weather conditions. James & the team worked very hard, they also have good "old fashioned" manners & there was lots of laughter. "

Rozana & Carl

"Thanks for your high level of workmanship and professional manner in carrying out your work for our company Leading Edge Homes NSW. We look forward to working with your team in future. "

Ken & Michael Bellette
Leading Edge Homes

""Great job by them. Very happy with the outcome""

Joadja NSW

""The guys did a great job putting in that 107,000Ltr tank at my place yesterday & today. Great to work with & a great looking product - Thank you!!!!""

TRN Group

""Their supervisor and staff on-site were easy to get along with, courteous, hard working and took pride in the quality of their workman ship. I have no hesitation in recommending Panthers Tanks for any similar construction projects""

John Berghofer
Western Downs Regional Council