Precast/Delivered to Site

Delivered to Site in ground concrete tank (Precast Concrete Tanks)

Panthers Concrete Tanks construct high quality water storage solutions on a variety of residential block types, from smaller tanks on suburban blocks with limited space to large concrete tanks on spacious rural properties.

A residential concrete rainwater tank is a perfect investment to supplement your existing water supply or should town water supply not be available, as a total water storage solution for your property.

Concrete Water Tanks can be constructed anywhere on your property where there is truck access. 

Tanks can be constructed below your current ground level and buried with soil once complete. This allows grass to grow over the top resulting in no tank showing, allowing all the benefits of a water tank without the loss of precious backyard space.

We have a number of standard tank sizes available.

Underground tanks are fitted with a manhole and riser to ground level for easy access

Quality Concrete Tank Solutions

Our expert tank construction service features:

  • Over 25 years trade experience
  • Above or below ground construction with manhole and riser.
  • Standard tank sizes from 4,000 to 22,500 litres (Rectangle OSD Tanks Available)
  • Custom design options available to suit your needs or site requirements
  • Quality workmanship to Australian standards.

All our delivered to site concrete tanks can be constructed with features including:

  • Partitions in tanks
  • Sloping floors
  • Trafficable lids to take any size load
  • Access ladders
  • Gattic manholes and risers 
  • Aluminium Safety manholes

Standard Complaint

Panthers Concrete Tanks are constructed to meet Australian quality standards including AS3735 – Concrete Structures for Retaining Liquids and AS3600 – Concrete Structures.

The concrete tank is available for purchase without the Davey Pump and Rainbank system.

Delivered to Site in ground concrete tank and pump package

(Davey Pump and RainBank Concrete Tank System)

The automatic tank and mains water controller for your home

The Rainbank system is a small unit that can be installed between the tank and the mains water supply.

Automatically switches between rainwater and mains water supply.

There is no re-pumping of mains water supply.

Provides seamless mains backup in the event of no rainwater or electrical interruptions, for convenience and comfort.

How the system works

  • The Rainbank uses tank rainwater as the main source for the outlets such as toilet, laundry and garden taps.
  • When there is no tank water it automatically and seamlessly selects mains water supply.
  • When it rains and the tank refills the Rainbank automaticallyand seamlessly changes back to tank water supply.
  • The Rainbank automatically switches between rainwater and mains water supply with lights on top indicating which one is in use.


Panthers Concrete Tanks, delivered to site are a high quality, cost effective, tank system that can be built for any situation.

They are low maintenance, strong, store cool, clean water and last a lifetime.

Davey Pump and Rainbank Concrete Tank System

The Rainbank is a dual source controller, specifically designed to souce rainwater for water applications such as toilets and laundry, with automatic mains backup. It is to be installed between the water tank and mains water supply. When the tank has rainwater in it the Rainbank will automatically select the tank water and when there is no water in the tank the Rainbank will seamlessly switch to mains supply.



The tank will be lifted into excavated site. Appropriate access must be provided for the crane truck to lower tank to site. Any additional crane hire not included.

Please refer to the tank sizes page for information on the hole diameter for excavation


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What Our Customers Say

"Thanks for your high level of workmanship and professional manner in carrying out your work for our company Leading Edge Homes NSW. We look forward to working with your team in future. "

Ken & Michael Bellette
Leading Edge Homes

""Great job by them. Very happy with the outcome""

Joadja NSW

""The guys did a great job putting in that 107,000Ltr tank at my place yesterday & today. Great to work with & a great looking product - Thank you!!!!""

TRN Group

""Their supervisor and staff on-site were easy to get along with, courteous, hard working and took pride in the quality of their workman ship. I have no hesitation in recommending Panthers Tanks for any similar construction projects""

John Berghofer
Western Downs Regional Council