Frequently Asked Questions

What size tank do I need for my house?

The most popular size tanks are 107 000 litres and 120 000 litres for areas with no town water. For a household with 4-5 occupants it should last around 4 months without rainfall based on the usage of 1000 litres of water per day. Some councils may have minimum sizes so you may want to check with your government authority.

What do concrete water tanks cost?

The price of concrete rainwater tanks does vary depending on a number of factors. These factors can include location, concrete tank size and whether you would like an in ground or above ground tank. Custom changes also alter the price of a tank. For an obligation free quote, please complete the enquiry form and we will send you a quote with your tank specifications.

Can I get a grant or rebate for my water tank?

There are some rebates available. For more information please refer to our useful links page. 

Is rainwater safe to drink?

Water supplied through mains is treated with chemicals where rain water is fresh and clean but we suggest a filter be fitted before the water enters the house to stop debris that may of entered from the roof of the house.

How does the tank fill up?

In most cases the tank is connected to the roof of the house and when it rains the water enters the tank through pipes.

What standards are the tanks manufactured too?

All Panthers Concrete Tanks are designed in accordance with the requirements of “Concrete structures for retaining liquids, AS3735” “Concrete Structures, AS3600”

Can I put the tank in ground?

Concrete tanks are the best solution for an in ground tank. Concrete is made of natural materials and is strong.

 Can I put the tank out of sight?

Panthers Concrete Tanks can be upgraded to take soil loading on top of the tank so grass or garden area can go over the tank. Panthers Concrete Tanks can give you a solution for any position you would like to put the tank it may be under your driveway or under a building we will design the tank for your requirements.

Where can I put my tank?

Ideally your tankshould be in ground lower then the lowest point of your house to allow water to flow into the tank.

What can I put on top of my tank?

On a standard tank it is pedestrian loading. To put a Gaezbo or outdoor area on top, tank roof structure needs to be increased to 3KPA. A standard roof is only 1.5KPA which is not designed to hold crowd loading.

Can I put soil on top of my tank?

If your tank roof has 3KPA or above roof loading you can put soil on top. It must be in an area with no vehicle access.

What if I have soil on my tank and vehicles drive over it?

You would need to increase the tank roof loading to 5KPA for cars and anywhere up to 40KPA for trucks.

After the tank is constructed, what happens?

The formwork will remain in the tank for a period of time for curing of concrete. We will then return and remove the formwork and your tank will be ready to use. You will then be able to arrange the backfilling to be done and plumbing to be connected at this point.

What Our Customers Say

"Tank delivered today, the driver was great, very professional, made it look easy. I'll recommend Panther tanks to anyone, you have all been great to deal with, especially on short notice. Our earthmovers were also very impressed. Well done. "

Nick Clemmett
Teknik Motorsport

"Would you please pass on our regards & thanks to James, Brendan & Valen for such a great job under difficult weather conditions. James & the team worked very hard, they also have good "old fashioned" manners & there was lots of laughter. "

Rozana & Carl

"Thanks for your high level of workmanship and professional manner in carrying out your work for our company Leading Edge Homes NSW. We look forward to working with your team in future. "

Ken & Michael Bellette
Leading Edge Homes

""Great job by them. Very happy with the outcome""

Joadja NSW

""The guys did a great job putting in that 107,000Ltr tank at my place yesterday & today. Great to work with & a great looking product - Thank you!!!!""

TRN Group

""Their supervisor and staff on-site were easy to get along with, courteous, hard working and took pride in the quality of their workman ship. I have no hesitation in recommending Panthers Tanks for any similar construction projects""

John Berghofer
Western Downs Regional Council